As you browse our gallery of projects, please note this is only a small portfolio of the hundreds of projects that we have created. Please call one of our experienced designers to arrange for a home meeting to see our product and let us show you how we can create that personal outdoor living space.]]>

Our website will challenge your mind as you will see what our design team has created as the outdoor room concept has evolved over the past several years. We are new to your neighborhood, however with our team of designers and their years of experience you will find that we have developed a system of building your outdoor room that will have very little impact on your family’s lives as we create this outdoor living room in your own private getaway.

As an owner of My Outdoor Rooms, my own personal experience in building a small cottage in my backyard was very evasive and disrupting to our family. At My Outdoor Rooms, we understand the importance of keeping one’s day to day life as simple as possible.

Call us today at My Outdoor Rooms and set up an appointment to come out and help you make your outdoor dreams become a reality.]]>
Step 1.
Our outdoor room expert will arrange an appointment to meet with the homeowner. They will make a home visit to discuss ideas for their outdoor living room. We will take pictures, video, and precise measurements of the prospective design site. We will find out what the homeowner would like--
• Kitchen Island
o Grill
o Big Green Egg
o Sink
o Cutting Board
o Ice Maker
o Refrigerator
o Drink Island
o Bar
o Television
o Outdoor Stereo System
o Grill
o Big Green Egg
o Sink
o Cutting Board
o Ice Maker
• Pergola
• Fire Pit
• Fireplace
• Mister System.

Step 2.
After the homeowner and the designer have agreed on what the homeowner would like to have in the outdoor room. Our concept department will create a detailed 3 dimensional design of the outdoor room.

Step 3.
Our highly skilled craftsman will begin the building process in a controlled environment using only the highest quality materials. This offsite building process will insure that you backyard will not become a construction zone.

Step 4.
Our team will work with plumbers, electricians, and contractors to prepare the future area, making it easier for you to relax and look forward to your new arrival.

Step 5.
Within 2 to 4 weeks our professional installers will arrive to make your outdoor dream room a reality. We will work within a timely manner to complete the installation process. We assure you that this process will be an enjoyable experience.]]>